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Nome: Rodrygo Silva de Goes
Ruolo: Ala sinistra/destra
Data di nascita: 09/01/2001
Altezza: 175 cm
Piede: Destro

– pace and acceleration Untitled1
– technique Untitled1
– dribbling Untitled1
– ball control Untitled1
– versatility Untitled1
– creativity Untitled
– balance Untitled
– ambidexterityUntitled
– first touchUntitled

– defensive contribution

Style of play:
– inside forward
– offensive allrounder capable of playing in various positions such as winger, attacking midfielder and support striker
– creative player with great technique on the ball, mobility, acceleration skills, fast direction shifts, short-dribbling and good short-mid through passing ability
– superb coordination, agility and balance
– likes to play in a free attacking role granted the freedom to roam the pitch and find space
– likes to dribble
– likes to cut inside
– often employs feints and tricks to beat opponents
– extremely dangerous on the counter thanks to his pace and acceleration
– brilliant technique and composure in tight spaces he doesn’t fear the individual duels and usually creates danger or suffers a foul, because it is not easy to tackle the ball away from him
– efficient in his pla y and has a natural eye for goal
– very strong in 1v1 situations, unpredictable and confident of his skills
– good ambidexterity using his left weaker foot

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